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Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, & Stump Grinding in Spokane, Washington

Rid your residential property of hazardous trees and stumps. Aardvark Tree Service offers homeowners in Spokane, Washington, tree pruning, tree removal, and stump grinding at rates that you can afford.

Trimming Trees
The best time to prune trees in when they are in the dormant stage, after the first frost of the season. Pruning is not done on current flowing trees or during the heat of the summer, because the heat gets inside of the tress.

Removing Trees
We cut down trees that are too big for the original planting location to ground level and haul away all the unwanted brush and remains. You can use the leftover chopped wood for firewood.

Trees Cut, Tree Removal in  Spokane, WA
Grinding Stumps
Any size stumps are grinded into mulch for you to place around flowerbeds or simply let settle into the yard. These are usually left after a tree is removed.
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